Saturday, September 15, 2012

Over the Hill @ Hills BBQ Noodle Shop

One Wednesday night the fella and I decided the best pick me up after a long swim would be a steaming hot bowl of pho. Pho 888 in Box Hill seemed the best place to go, as we really couldn't be bothered driving into the city, let alone Footscray that night.  It obviously wasn't our lucky night, Pho 888, along with most of the other restaurants in Box Hill were already closed. From the slim pickings we had, we decided on Hills BBQ Noodle shop.

Not feeling like a big meal, we ordered a spicy minced pork with noodles and a plate of steamed vegetables with oyster sauce, to share. We asked for a small plate of steamed veggies (which was essentially Chinese broccoli), only to be told they could only offer us a large plate. The meals were very quick to arrive, but that was one of the very few highlights of our meal. The noodles themselves were cooked well, but the overall dish as a whole was difficult to stomach. The pork seemed to be colder than the noodles and the flavour was just NQR, as was the smell. I'm one of those types that generally eats everything on the plate, yet after two mouths full, I gave up. The fella didn't like it any better! The two of us finished off our plate of  broccoli and our Chinese tea and left. The Chinese broccoli was just the way it should be, no complaints there. It was fresh, steamed just right and nice and salty, just as I like it.

Paying for our meal was yet another drama. The cashier charged us a dollar extra for our greens, saying their usual kitchen was closed and they had to make our dish in another kitchen. He also said the broccoli was of the best quality. None of this really made any sense to either of us. Does this mean the broccoli on their menu is generally substandard? Anyway, we parted with our dollar, too tired and too hungry to argue.

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My Rating: 2/10

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