Sunday, September 16, 2012

Noshing our Day Away @ NSHRY

If you're a burger fan and even if you're not, you're bound to have heard of NSHRY. The fella and I started our own little burger adventure a few months ago. So far we've tried; Huxtaburger, Captain America's Hamburger Heaven, Danny's Burgers, Andrew's Hamburgers and finally the famed umami burger @ NSHRY. I have to admit I had sky high expectations of NSHRY, most of the blogs I'd read had glowing reviews, their menu looked absolutely scrumptious and pictures of their umami burger had  the taste buds salivating upon sight.

I have to give it to NSHRY, everything looks temptingly delicious! I ordered the umami burger ($22) and the fella who can never say no to chorizo, ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($22). The burger consisted of  a parmesan crisp, wagyu and angus beef patty, mushroom sauce, caramelised onions, all sandwiched between a perfect looking brioche bun. It came served with a side coleslaw, beer battered chips and a trio of dips. The spicy chip dip and wasabi kewpie really gave the chips a mean kick. The tomato sauce on the other hand was a little out of place, overshadowed by two far superior sauces.

I really, truly wanted to like the umami burger. But I guess it's true what they say about high expectations, the only way is down! There's not much I can fault about the burger as a whole, but in my opinion the beef patty let the entire burger down. To me, it didn't have any flavour and just tasted meaty. As a true carnivore, I love my meat, but the patty fell way short of hitting the spot.

The Huevos Rancheros similarly looked great, the chorizio was yummy, but that's where it stops. Unless you're a fan of beans I would not recommend this dish, once you've made your way through the chorizio, beans are about all you can taste. The chilli sourdough bread served on the side was probably the highlight of the whole dish, as long as it comes with a side of butter (which we requested).

Unlike our meals, the drinks were spot on. The fella had a cappuccino and I had a fresh orange juice. I know we'll be back for the drinks and perhaps too a stroll along St Kilda beach. Even though neither of our meals really rang any bells, for some reason I don't think I should give up on NSHRY just yet.

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 My Rating: 6.5/10


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