Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wiener Envy @ Massive Wieners

The KO-OP boys have hit gold with their marketing genius. No doubt, the novelty factor alone will drag the inner immature child in each of us to their doorstep. It's hard to ignore the appeal of tagging yourself on facebook, along with your 12 incher and some kind of inappropriate pun. Nobody likes a disappointing wiener, so the question remains, does it deliver beyond its clever name?

Perhaps I've been living in a hole, but I had never heard of Massive Wieners until I saw them advertised on Scoopon. The deal promised two 12 inch hot dogs, cans of drink and sunny boys, all for a meagre $10. I couldn't really say no, especially with the sweetener of a sunny boy. It brought back those school yard memories, lining up outside the tuck shop with my 40 cents in hand, waiting to buy my triangle of sugary goodness.

Finding a time the shop was actually open was the hard part. R and I drove past it several times, tried calling and even checked their website. We were beginning to think our Scoopon would go to waste. Fortunately for us, we eventually stumbled upon their open shop just before our Scoopon expired. Apparently they close much earlier than normal in winter.

Their dogs are all cheekily named, they have three different sizes; the massive wiener @ 12 inches, the average Joe @ 6inches and a little pecker @ 3inches. They also boast a 25 inch competition dog. If you're up for a challenge, see if you can scoff one down in 5 minutes to score a free feed, along with getting your mug plastered on their wall of fame. If you fail, it'll set you back $15 and your face will be up for all to see on their wall of shame.

R decided on the kraut massive wiener and I, the pickle. Unfortunately for R, they were all out of sauerkraut, so he eventually settled for the chilli wiener instead. To our dismay we were informed that they don't do sunny boys in winter, but they did give us free selection from their range of drinks as consolation (mind you, there were only about seven bottles left).

My pickle dog was packed full with a juicy pork sausage, onion, ketchup, American mustard, pickle relish and my addition, jalapenos ($1extra). R's pork chilli dog was topped with beef and bean chilli sauce, onion and American mustard. We shared half of each, they were both delicious but I definitely thought the pickle wiener edged the competition. It was all washed down with a bottle of organic lemon and lime bitters. We left satisfied, content from our scrumptious meal, with full tummies and the wallet with barely a dint in it.

No complaints here about this wiener experience, it definitely delivered more than a one time fling. In fact, I sense the beginning of a promising casual relationship.

Massive Wieners on Urbanspoon My Rating: 7.5/10 

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