Thursday, December 6, 2012

Try a little Larder @ Larder

After a morning spent traipsing through Daylesford market and taking a heritage train ride to musk and back, K and I were feeling a tad peckish. We headed towards Daylesford's main sprawl of shops and settled on Larder.

The cafe was warm and welcoming inside. The staff, not so much. A few smiles and friendly banter wouldn't have hurt, particularly as we were the only two people in the place. Nevertheless, I must say they had done a good job with the decor, though I doubt any minimalists would agree. The kitchen utensils, pots, pans, scales and what not, which adorned the shelves, added some vintage charm. The delicatessen towards the back of the cafe was also quite tempting, with a variety of meats and cheeses for sale.

Their menu looked quite appetizing, but given we weren't too hungry we decided to try out their more snack sized options. I can't quite remember what either of our meal choices were called, nor can I seem to find them on Larders menu online, however K choose chorizos accompanied by an aioli dip and I decided to go with some cheesy puffs with a serve of chutney. From what I recall they were both around $7.50 a pop. The chorizos went well with the aioli dip and the chutney was quite nice too. However, my snack on a whole was less than ordinary.

Overall this dinning experience was lukewarm, but I think you owe it to a restaurant to try out their real cuisine and our little snacks hardly qualify. So, I suppose I'll have to give larder another go next time I'm visiting Daylesford.

Had I been happier with the service, I would be more inclined to come back, especially as the rest of their menu looked quite promising. Regardless of how good or bad Larders grub might be, if you're down in the neighborhood I do recommend you pop in for a cappuccino, because they certainly do a mean one.

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My Rating: 5.5/10 

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