Monday, December 3, 2012

A bowlful of sin at the kings table @ Laksa King

I've never been a huge fan of laksa, it's not that I don't like the taste, it's just that it's always seemed a bit too sinful for my liking. I suppose that makes me a hypocrite, it's not like I say no to burgers or chocolate for the same reason, but somehow slurping up mouthfuls of coconut milk seems decidedly worse.

My friend K was down on holiday from Canberra and suggested we catch up at one of her old haunts, Laksa King. I met J and K down in Flemington one Tuesday evening to mull over our life, post undergrad days. We arrived to find a very packed restaurant and even more people waiting their turn to be seated. Fortunately J had arrived earlier, OK well truth is K and I were late, but at least this meant we didn't have to wait around for ages for a table.

Since we decided on a restaurant famed for its laksa and appropriately named after it, I thought it'd be wrong for me to order anything else. K said Tuesdays are her vegetarian day, so she ordered the vegetarian spring rolls ($5.50 for 2) and a mee goreng, sans everything non veg ($10.90). J and I decided to share a plate of Vietnamese spring rolls ($9.20 for 8) and for mains, J chose to go with the seafood curry laksa ($13.20) and I, the chicken ($9.80). We all decided to get an iced lychee each as well ($3.80).

Being a huge fan of all things lychee, I expected to like the ice lychee drink, but it was very 'meh,' too sweet and nothing special. The pork spring rolls were my favourite, even more so than the laksa. Juicy and moist inside, with a crunchy outer layer. I didn't try the vegetarian spring rolls myself, but K gave them the thumbs up. The laksa was brought out in next to no time, steaming hot and generously large in size. We each enjoyed our large bowls, full of coconut-y goodness and fresh ingredients. I'm not sure our laksas tasted all that different from each other, regardless I would definitely go back again and perhaps again....

Laksa may be a sinful treat, but if you're in for a cheap, delicious, hot meal, in bustling, lively restaurant, you simply cannot go past this undisputed king of laksa.

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My Rating: 7.5/10

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